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Treated Conditions

At the Harmonized Brain Centers some of the treated Conditions we help with are many different neurological conditions that may have been diagnosed or not diagnosed but the dysfunction still persists. At a basic biological level our brains communicate in electrical and chemical activities. The age old question is “Does the chemical cause the electrical or the vice versa”? We can argue until the cows come but in reality, we believe it is both. AT the Harmonized Brain Centers we treat the electrical communication with LENS and encourage proper nutrition, exercise (physical and mental) and hydration to help the chemical communication in the brain.

Listed below are some of the treated conditions we help clients with:

  • Cognition: Sequencing, memory, providing and maintaining attention, concentration, clarity or organization.
  • Mood: Anger, Sadness, Explosiveness
  • Motor: Lack of Grace, problems with eye-hand coordination, balance, increase muscle tone (from spasticity), tremors.
  • Motivation: Problems initiating tasks, shifting from one activity to another, and or completing a task
  • Anxiety: Problems of anxiety system activity (too much uncomfortably-contained energy): persistent “anxiety”, restlessness, rumination, agitation, distractibility, difficulty breathing, palpitations, tremor exacerbation, and sleep interruption.
  • Reactivity: Hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, multiple chemical sensitivities.
  • Pain: Brain-generated pain, vascular pain.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue, or fatigue as a phenomenon secondary to the effort or trying to overcome the pain and or the above impediments to functioning more easily.

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