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At the Harmonized Brain Centers we have a passion to help people maximize the efficiency of their uniquely and divinely created brain by using an integrated approach by using the most cutting edge and common sense methods. Our staff not only has extensive knowledge in dealing with neurological issues but we also have personal experience in helping our family members. Dallas and Shelly’s son, Austin, was hit in the head with a baseball causing an epidural hematoma (bleeding on the brain). Austin was in a coma for two and a half months because of this freak accident. As caregivers and practitioners we have experienced the many ups and downs in the recovery of our loved ones and clients. These experiences are what drive us to find and apply the best methods in helping people with neurological challenges.


Dallas Shepard, Economics and Finance

Business Manager and LENS Practitioner

Dallas is a certified LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) Practitioner and a registered psychotherapist in the State of Colorado with a passion to help others with their neurological challenges. Having been a caregiver of a child that suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury, Dallas has been involved in his son’s rehabilitation since 2003. In the last two years Dallas has successfully completed over 3,000 sessions of LENS to help his clients have more efficient brain function which has led to great improvements in their lives. Although LENS is our primary modality we strongly believe in an integrated approach to helping clients achieve their wellness. Nutrition, exercise and drinking water are just some of the basic things we can all do to improve our brain health. Dallas has been an entrepreneur since 1987 and is excited about opening up the Harmonized Brain Centers in Colorado Springs and other places.


Shelly Shepard, BS Marketing

Marketing and Educational Director

Shelly became intrigued by the brain and how it functions after working with her son, Austin, and helping him with rehab after he was hit in the head with a baseball in January, 2003. Since 2003, Shelly and her husband, Dallas, have tried various treatments for Austin’s brain injury always striving to improve his current condition. After moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, they discovered LENS Therapy for Austin to help him continue with his recovery. LENS provided Austin with improvement in his deeper thinking skills, motivation, better communication skills and overall mental alertness. Dallas, also experienced great results with LENS therapy so much so that he decided to go ahead and get trained in the LENS system from Ochs Labs. Shelly is excited to promote Harmonized Brain Centers to the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. She is thrilled to work Dallas to spread the word of how an integrated approach to treating TBI and other neurological conditions can change the lives of so many people.

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