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This may seem as an obviously simple question to answer but it can get confusing when we have unrealistic expectations. The simple and emphatic answer is yes, we can CHANGE OUR BRAINS. The brain is remarkably able to adapt and change to different events and circumstances that it encounters. This concept is commonly known as Neuroplasticity. Think about it, if the brain could not change itself then education would be worthless, we would not be able to adapt to when the weather changes to dress appropriately, we would not be able to run away from danger or do the major or minor things that make us human. The real question is “Can we change our brain when their is a dysfunction in the brain that impairs our ability to function in a “normal” capacity”.

At the Harmonized Brain Centers we believe we can help the brain function in a more efficient manner to help a person reach their full potential. Our primary method of treatment is LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) Therapy; however, we strongly encourage our clients to look at and understand the role one’s nutrition and exercise (both physical and mental) play in enhancing and maximizing one’s brain health. Our brain’s only make up about 2% of our body weight but use about 20% of the blood flow and nutrients in our body.

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