How LENS Works

Find Out What LENS Neurofeedback Therapy Is And How It Affects You

Understandably you’ll want to know exactly what happens when you come in for a LENS Neurofeedback session. Here we explain what you can expect:

In our offices you’ll sit in a comfortable chair and just three very small sensors are placed: two on your ears and one is moved to different areas of your head. The sensor is placed on different parts of your head for just a few short seconds while a low energy impulse is sent to the brain (less energy than a digital watch or a cell phone!). On your first visit we do this to 21 sites on your head to create a Brain Map. At subsequent visits we concentrate on a different seven sites, so by the fourth visit we can compare your progress to the first Brain Map we did.

The first session last about 45 minutes, subsequent ones no more than half an hour.

The signal we send out alerts the brainwaves to new stimulation, and redirects them to return to a more normal state. Through this simple method, the brain begins to quiet brainwaves associated with low performance and increase those associated with optimal brain function.

All the time you can see what’s happening on the large TV screen right in front of you!

There is no pain involved at all; occasionally some people may feel a dull headache when it is over but usually a glass of water takes care of that within minutes. Afterwards, most people feel very calm and relaxed; often even feeling like a nap would be in good order.

Many clients start to see results after the very first session, while most start to see significant changes within three to four sessions. How long you continue with the sessions is based on how quickly your brain waves shift to their new pattern. We recommend planning on 10 to 12 sessions; although that can change based on your personal experience.

We use no drugs and we don’t expect you to train your brain by using videos.

LENS is considerably faster to administer, and results are quicker to obtain than traditional neurofeedback systems.

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What should I do next?

The first step is to get in touch with us. Most people have questions, and we are happy to provide a free consultation. This will help us get to know you and give us a clearer idea if LENS Therapy is right for you. We will ask you some questions about your goals, history, and symptoms (if any).

The free consultation is so we can identify what is blocking your way, and design your LENS Therapy plan of action. By studying the Brain Map we create at your first consultation we are able to determine where certain areas of your brain may be suppressed or where it may be hyper vigilant. This gives us a baseline for future treatments so that we can see when changes are occurring.

This assessment time also gives you the chance to meet your LENS practitioner, see what we do, and find out what you can expect from the training.

Call 615 331 8762 for more information, to ask any questions you may have or to book your first appointment, or click here.


Does It Hurt?

There is no pain or discomfort with LENS. The radio wave we use is smaller than in a cell phone. Occasionally someone may feel a little “buzzing”; it doesn’t last for more than a few seconds and we can stop at any time if it is uncomfortable.

Does LENS use electric shock treatment?

No! Absolutely not, there is no use of electric shocks in LENS Neurofeedback. The electric impulse we use is no more powerful than that of a cellphone. You will feel no pain when using LENS Neurofeedback. Promise.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no “side effects” to LENS as it is not a medical treatment. You may notice you feel a little tired immediately after the treatment or you may feel a little “wired” with lots of energy, almost like you have had too much caffeine. Neither are permanent and usually subside within a few hours of your session. The brainwaves are shifting and changing for the first 24 to 48 hours after the LENS session and then they settle down into their new pattern. Some clients report a dull headache after their session, this is usually a sign of dehydration and just drinking water will usually clear it up pretty quickly.

How Long Is Each Session?

The first session takes about forty five minutes to an hour as we are doing all 21 sites of the brain. We will gather some background information and history, discuss what you would like the outcome to be and answer any questions you may have. Subsequent sessions last a half hour; the treatment itself only takes about 10 minutes but we will also be talking about changes you are seeing and helping you set goals for permanent changes as the brain becomes more efficient. LENS is considerably faster to administer, and results are quicker to obtain than traditional Neurofeedback systems.

The LENS treatment is very simple and safe. You sit in a comfortable chair, while the Neurofeedback practitioner applies a tiny electrode to your scalp. This both measures the brainwave activity and delivers the treatment. It is a completely painless and noninvasive procedure. We have a large screen so you can watch your Brainwave Map being created!

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