LENS Neurofeedback therapy has an amazing success rate (90+%), here are just a few testimonials from clients who have been treated at Harmonized

From bottom of the class to the Top!

ADD: From bottom of the class to the Top!
Our 13 year old son was having problems managing his explosive anger, attending school and completing his work there. He was also having trouble managing his personal relationships, both socially and at home....

20 years of depression, after two LENS’ sessions, I’m happy again!

“Crazy! I’ve suffered from depression for over 2 Decades, I’d lost hope of feeling better. Till I found out about this place, did my research and decided to hope even though I was afraid to. I’m in progress, but after just 2 sessions I feel happy aga...

ADHD: My Son in Law is a different person after LENS Therapy

Our 24 year old son-in-law has just completed a series of LENS treatments at the Harmonized Brain Centers. He was diagnosed as being ADHD when young and took different medications on and off for years. He was definitely high energy, strongly opiniona...

Anxiety at a new Low

“My deepest thanks and gratitude to Dallas and LENS. Last week my anxiety was an 8/10. I was worried that I would not be able to cope anymore. After the LENS treatment, my anxiety dropped to a low murmur.
I came to Harmonized Brain Centers over a ye...

PTSD, Depression-After four months with LENS, a huge transformation

“I felt like I was living life in circles. I would read a health book- take that info- and use it, then become depressed. It was an on-going cycle. I needed help getting out of a rut mentally.
My symptoms were anxiety, PTSD, Anger, I couldn’t hold a...

Migraines: From several a day to none- after just 8 weeks therapy!

After a couple neurosurgeries in March, 2014, I was experiencing several severe migraine headaches every day. I was told by the surgeon that I was going to have to live with these headaches now as a result of the surgeries. I didn’t like that answer,...

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