ADHD: My Son in Law is a different person after LENS Therapy

Our 24 year old son-in-law has just completed a series of LENS treatments at the Harmonized Brain Centers. He was diagnosed as being ADHD when young and took different medications on and off for years. He was definitely high energy, strongly opinionated, easily irritated and had a hard time relaxing.

Our daughter told us of the events of the day he went in for this first treatment and how he was after and I ABSOLUTELY KNOW the very first treatment made a difference. He did not want to go, wanted to cancel, knew it was a scam and on and on. After the treatment there were four or five things that happened one right after the other that normally any one of them would have set him off. Instead he just took them in stride and wasn’t even aware of the difference in his own reactions. She actually had to point them out to him.

He is more relaxed when we are tighter, able to have a calm conversation and stay on the subject. He is more thoughtful and genuine in his interactions. I have seen a difference in how he relates to our daughter and that is such an encouragement.

He has shared with us that he is now able to focus and because of that he is able to remember and figure things out more easily. He is able to take in what he’s reading and doesn’t have to keep reading things over and over. He is actually reading books for the first time in his life and enjoying them. He’s more relaxed and I am sure it’s because the struggle in his brain has been calmed.

We are so thankful to God and the Harmonized Brain Centers for the impact these treatments have had on our son-in-law!!!!!!!

Jean W

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