What Are The Benefits Of Lens Neurofeedback To You?

  • Non Invasive
  • Drug Free
  • Suitable for toddlers to elderly
  • Quick Sessions
  • No Pain, Long Lasting
  • Fast Results
  • Affordable

Hear from some of our satisfied clients:

Services We Provide

LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback)

Proven, state of the art technology used at over 1000 locations Worldwide that help to rebalance and get your brain working normally.

Low Light Laser Therapy (Photon Stimulator)

Aches? Pains? Joint stiffness? This amazing hand held device helps stimulate the recovery process at the cellular level. It also helps relax the brain for neurofeedback application.

Psychotherapy Education and Coaching

Alongside your LENS sessions we’ll work with you help make the changes easy to understand and make permanent.

Physical Vascular Therapy

Enhance blood circulation to your brain and body with Physical Vascular Therapy. This 20 year old German technology can: Enhance blood flow in the tiniest blood vessels in your body, oxygenate your cells 30% more, increase physical strength, endurance and energy, enhance nutrient delivery and waste disposal and improve sleep management. (Colorado Springs office Only).

Hear from (more) of our past clients and how LENS has transformed their lives


Jordy is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor or as he calls it a neurological incident. He is a gifted musician and continues to share his music with many people. He is the founder of A Positive Note where he teaches people of all ages with various abilities the wonderful gift of music


Barb has been a caregiver for many years and the stress and anxiety of her tasks at hand had taken their toll. Eventhough the sitatuations have not changed, Barb's anxiety and stress level are now at managable levels.


Gary with his daughter who has had sensory issues along with learning difficulties. She has progressed where she is enjoying school and keeping up with her classmates.


Alan has suffered from bi-polar disorder for many years and has found LENS to be an effective treatment. He is feeling much happier now than he has in years.

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